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Most amazing place in Central Asia

Why Uzbekistan Tour?

A modern-day country with roots that go back to Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and the fabled  Silk Road tours. During your visit you will visit the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva - walking the lanes and narrow streets traversed by caravans and their laden camels back in the 14th century. Carrying exotic spices, carpets and other merchandise between Europe and China - that are still sold in the bazaars you will shop in. Uzbek cooking and wide-ranging cuisine is famous for its blend of tastes and use of natural ingredients drawing on the extensive variety of fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. While predominantly a Muslim country, Uzbekistan is host to all religions with churches, mosques and synagogues. Mathematics and medicine have historical foundations in Uzbekistan dating back to studies in the 15th century. A modern-day county with no illiteracy and government provided healthcare and education for all. You will visit and explore enchanting cities that were centers of trade long before Columbus discovered America. Our tour guides will take you to see craftsmen at work making ceramics and wood carvings that you will want to bring home.

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National Cuisine

Crispy breads, plov, dried fruits and a thousand and one other unique dishes of Uzbekistan


Main trait of the inhabitants of Uzbekistan


Which consist of incredible architectural structures and their hidden secrets

Great History

Two-thousands-year history containing hundreds of events that influenced world culture

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MICE In Uzbekistan

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