Equipment for simultaneous interpreting

Depending on the events which are planned to be held in the conference hall, it can be filled with the widest range of special equipment. Our experts will design and install video conferencing systems, both corporate and with the use of online Skype services, services for webinars, etc., voting systems, simultaneous interpretation, video prompters, and much more.

The proposed concept of conference halls equipping, first of all, provides for the selection of optimal technical support. The solutions found by our experts ensure maximum functionality taking into account the existing tasks and comfort for all users both speakers and the audience.

Any conference system to be done by the company includes the following equipment:

  • for information displaying;
  • for simultaneous interpretation;
  • for sounding;
  • for documenting and archiving o0f information;
  • for video conferencing.

The most important components of the equipment for conference halls are the following systems:

  • cross connect equipment;
  • integrated control;
  • auxiliary ones.

The design of conference systems is based on the advanced trends in this field. As a result the complexes to be done meet modern standards and have excellent technical characteristics.

The fundamental functionalities of the conference systems are:

  • high-quality visualization of information using optimally selected hardware;
  • multi-screens data output from various sources to both primary and auxiliary visualization tools;
  • ability of operational management of presentations and graphical adjustment of video materials by a speaker;
  • simultaneous interpretation of the basic audio information;
  • video conversations and teleconferences arrangement;
  • amplification of the sound power of any audio sources and speech;
  • ability of events information documenting and electronic data archiving system creating.


For adequate and comfortable perception of video information, the equipment to be used shall come up to dimensions and architectural features of the premises, the nature of the displayed material and the number of audiences.

In general, the company’s experts use direct projection systems. They are equipped with video projectors with increased luminous power and large-format screens. In some conference halls, the use of equipment such as back projection systems or video walls is sometimes justified.

Information displaying systems also include modern techniques of graphic and video materials reproduction. If it is necessary to demonstrate film materials, it is possible to equip the conference hall with digital film projection equipment.

Interactive displays provide additional features for the speaker. Equipment can be installed directly on the table of the presidium or on the stand. Using this tool, the speaker can easily and quickly manage the presentation, as well as accompany the speech with graphic comments.


When developing insonation systems for conferences, the company uses modern equipment that can reproduce speech information in all parts of the hall equally clearly and legibly. In addition, conference systems to be created support various additional functions, including the registration of participants, simultaneous interpretation arrangement and voting.

When equipping halls for concerts, entertainment and other cultural events, powerful sound amplifiers to be used. The audio equipment used allows to provide high-quality audio reproducing and has a rich selection of interfaces for external audio signals connections.

If movies require to be reproduced with multi-channel sound in conference halls, we use modern decoding processors and loudspeaker systems from the world’s best manufacturers.


Often, when holding events in conference halls, there is a need for video recording.

Depending on the objectives to be achieved (events documenting, events broadcasting, archiving, art cinematography), the company includes various sets of equipment in the conference systems. Conference hall equipping may include both a stationary video camera with a small resolution, and broadcast-television complexes of several professional video cameras and stations for nonlinear video editing. When arranging video conferences, the company relies on modern video servers and videoconferencing terminals.


The company uses special switching equipment (switches, circuit exchanges, switching boxes, interfaces and connecting cables) to combine conference systems into a single functional complex that provides connection of various signal sources. We use state-of-the-art solutions for maximum noise protection and stable quality of audio and video signals. Most often, switching systems of conference halls are based on fiber-optic technologies.

Multimedia Projector is an optical device designed to create a real image of a small flat object on a large screen

A conference system (congress system, discussion system) is a set of audio equipment consisting of a central unit, several discussion panels and providing a certain set of functionality for conferences, conventions, meetings, hearings, media conferences and other rooms where discussions shall be held. Discussion panels shall be located on the tables of participants of the meeting and are usually concatenated with each other by a cable in a chain. The central unit of the system is usually equipped with an interface with sound amplification and PA systems.

Equipment for Simultaneous Interpretation

Special equipment is a simultaneous interpretation system (either stationary or operating on the basis of wireless speech transmission), usually a stationary or dismountable cabin (booth), where the simultaneous interpretation unit is located, including two pairs of headphones and a microphone for interpreters, as well as a set of headphones or portable receivers according to the number of participants who need interpretation. During interpretation, the simultaneous interpreter is located in an isolated booth with sound-proofed headphones, so that his own voice does not drown out the speaker’s voice. With the help of amplification equipment, the interpretation is fed to listeners in headphones. Simultaneous interpretation technologies are usually used to arrange events involving a large number of people and held in large conference halls or auditoriums, such as congresses, conferences, workshops and presentations.