When did Uzbekistan proclaim independence?

Uzbekistan declared its independence from the Soviet Union on August 31, 1991.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech and the interpreter reformulates the speech into a language his audience understands at the same time (or simultaneously).

What special food do we eat at Navruz?

There are three main dishes of Navruz. These are “Sumalak”, “Ko’ksomsa” and “Halim”. The fun of the fair on Navruz day is a plate with germinated wheat! This dish is necessarily present on every festive table.

Who is Amir Temur?

Amir Temur is a military leader and ruler who has played an important role in the history of Central, South and West Asia as well as the Caucasus, the Volga and Russia. The commander, the founder of the Timurid Empire (1370) with the capital of Samarkand.

What is Uzbekistan famous for?

Uzbekistan lies at the core of the ancient Silk Road, it is a country that is a home to the three most important Silk Road cities, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Uzbekistan’s UNESCO World Heritage gem, the incredibly historic town of Samarkand is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world.

What to do in Tashkent?

Chorsu, is a kind of old town is worth a visit with its huge market and some interesting mosques and churches. The area around the government buildings is worth a look (nearest metro Mustakilik Maydoni). I would say that Tashkent was worth an extra day.