Business Lunches and Gala Dinners

Catering service at the conference — what should be taken into account?

All conferences organizers know that participants are not only fed up with content and networking, so the great attention should be given to the catering service matter:

Food should be varied and not repeated (each to his taste, as they say).

You should take into account how convenient to eat a particular dish. The easier and faster it can be eaten — the better. And if the participants still do not get dirty – it’s great, wrap it up!

When choosing the food, you should start from the season. For example, in summer -it should be a great variety of soft drinks, fruit and light food.

You should not forget on vegetarians and vegans (and most importantly calculate the number correctly).

Think about the required number of food courts based on the number of people.

Discuss in advance with the contractors the peak hours when the flow of participants will be the greatest — at this time, it is worth to prepare intermediates that will help you serve customers as quickly as possible.

Equip the dining area promptly — no matter how convenient bean bags are, it is better to eat at the tables.

Think over the menu from the aesthetic point of view as well. No, we are not really about the design, we are about the fact that the black baked roll for burger looks very cool, however it is unlikely that all participants will have toothbrushes and mirrors at hand.

Arrange the timely cleaning of tables with the staff. It is unlikely that someone will approach a dirty table, and the overall impression will be spoiled by a dozen of disposable tableware.

By the way, regarding disposable tableware – thought it is practical, recently the trend of abandoning of plastic products has become wildly popular, so your participants will definitely appreciate if you give them the freedom of choice.