Uzbek Pilaf

Pilaf takes a honourable and special place in Uzbek cuisine.The process of cooking pilaf is just an art for Uzbek people and it may take you a whole life to approach to this secret of art. We are going to tell you some interesting facts about this delicious dish.

There are lots of types for cooking pilaf worldwide.Imagine that there are more than 200 kinds of pilaf only in Uzbekistan.There is a Turkish proverb:Each Islamic city has its own type of pilaf.

Throughout the world the pilaf has different names.Thus, in Spain the local people cook paella that differs from Uzbek pilaf only in adding seafood ingredients.

In ancient Central Asia the pilaf was cooked inside the sheepskin.For this purpose the pilaf was cooked wrapped in the sheepskin laid on hot coals into a big hole and again with the coals on the top. This way the temperature in pilaf was distributed evenly.

It is known that Amir Timur included the pilaf into ration of his warriors.One day planing his campaign to Ankara the commander asked himself a very important question:How is it possible to put an army of thousands, a long road and a sudden attack together without taking huge unit trains with food?Here a wise man suggested him a recipe of this delicious, nourishing and nutritious dish. Having eaten a bowl of pilaf the soldiers became full of energy for several days and Amir Timur’s troops easily achieved victory.Since that time the pilaf became the leading food for Amir Timur’s faithful troops and may be one of the main secret of his triumphant campaigns.It is believed that the soldiers of Alexander the Great had been eating this dish in their military campaign long before Amir Timur discovered it to his warriors.

It is a tradition among Uzbek people that only men are adept at cooking a real Uzbek pilaf.In fact this dish of rice, meat, carrot, onion and spices simultaneously combines mastery of boiling, frying and evaporation.It is said that if you can cook the pilaf you can easily cook any other dish.