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Shaitan Zhiga – Helmet of the Devil

Shaitan Zhiga – “Helmet of the Devil”

This is a name of mysterious plateau hidden from curious eyes in off spurs of Zerafshan range 30 km from Samarkand not far away from Urgut. Rocks here look like fantastic sculptural masterpieces – frozen demons, idols of the ancient Gods, petrified prehistorical monsters. Among them you can find the figures of animals ( bear, tiger, huge a frog, pangolin, bird of prey) and cut off giant’s head.

As local residents say, this place has its own power, once upon a time mysterious rituals were held by local pagans on a high plateau. Wizards gathered around the altar and performed sacrifices. Maybe that’s why there are almost no trees and flowers growing on this land. Only in spring small water sources break through, reminiscent of the victorious or defeated water element.