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Uzbek National Dress

Uzbek national national dress is very beautiful and has its own specific features. Since the ancient times unusualness of the national dress was specified by climatic and handicraft conditions. Till the present days it preserves its archaism features. Uzbek people have an original fabric named atlas that differs from other ones in its colorfulness and delicacy. Generally women’s light dresses are made of it. As for the men’s wear there is a dressing-gown called chapan. This all-purpose clothing keeps you warm in winter and protects you from summer heat. It was rather light and had some cuts for convenient walking and sitting on the floor. Chapan was usually tied with a kerchief. Uzbek people also have a special head wear in the form of embroidered skullcap called tyubeteyka. The name of tyubeteyka originates from turk word “tyube” that means “top” or “peak”. Tyubeteyka is a national head wear not only for Uzbek people however for other native peoples of Central Asia.

At all times generally women were the masters of tyubeteyka sewing. The motif that can be found most often as a decoration for tyubeteyka is floral motif, almond motif “bodom” a symbol of life and fertility.
The most popular type of tyubeteyka is “doppi” that is characterized by black background and white motif in the form of pod-pepper – kalampir.
Nowadays the clothing of Uzbek people changed greatly influenced by European culture that is why in the streets you may see people wearing hottest new trend of clothing. However the famous Uzbek fabric atlas and the inimitable dresses made out of it, traditional head wear and carpets are still greatly more popular than European innovations.