Communication in Uzbekistan

Although the Uzbek Internet and cellular communication are different from foreign ones both in speed and quality. Every tourist should know how to ensure communication and the Internet in the country.

Most hotels provide internet via Wi-Fi. But if there is no such service in your hotel so you can buy a SIM card in any cellular shop nearby. There are four mobile operators in Uzbekistan: Beeline, UMS, Ucell, Uzmobile and Perfectum Mobile. When using Perfectum Mobile you need a special mobile phone supporting CDMA standard while SIM cards of other mobile operators fit to any mobile device as they all support GSM standard.

In airports of Tashkent and Bukhara you can find a shop where SIM cards of UMS operator are sold. You just have to show your passport and pay the required tariff plan (3 to 7 USD). The minimum cost of connecting cellular communication of any operator is 1 dollar. The payment is made in national currency.

Toping up is also not a problem, payment system dealer network is available in any city of the country called Paynet that transfers funds to the phone account in a matter of seconds.

Also be noted that the speed for mobile Internet of all operators is almost the same however the amount of traffic depends on the selected tariff. An average cost of 1000 MB Internet package of all cellular companies is about 4 USD.