Tashkent TV Tower

Tashkent TV tower 375 metres high is the highest structure in Central Asia. It is rather earthquake-resistant and can withstand earthquake with magnitude of 9 points on the Richter scale. TV power was built in 1981. Its main function was television and radio broadcasting. Broadcasting centre is the largest in Central Asia.

Moreover the TV tower is equipped with a special observation platform where the city is spread along the eyes. There is a rotating restaurant named “Koinot”on TV tower which will offer you Oriental and European cuisines. So the visitors may both have a good meal and enjoy a great panorama of Tashkent city.

This is real landmark visited by lots of inhabitants of Uzbekistan and foreign countries. There is a famous Central Asian Center of Pilaf at the foot of TV tower, where incredibly delicious pilaf is cooked. There is also Tashkent water park and Tashkentland beloved by everyone.

If you come to Tashkent you will not be able to miss it as it can be seen from everywhere in the city. It is hardly to imagine Tashkent today without this magnificent structure.