Uzbekistan Fashion Week 2019

Uzbekistan Fashion Week 2019 which was held in Tashkent has ended. The main organizer of Fashion Week is the Association of Designers of the Republic of Uzbekistan OSIYO RAMZI with the support of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development of tourism.
Tashkent Fashion Week-2019 provides a unique opportunity to professional designers and “Fashion Houses” to demonstrate their collections and provide an opportunity to get information on trends in the fashion world.
Meanwhile, fashion for tourism is of particular importance – one of the main criteria in choosing a destination when traveling. Uzbek national fabrics are of great interest to the international community and world fashion houses and Uzbek designers, in turn, are trying to bring new elements to modern fashion while preserving national traditions.
Tashkent Fashion Week 2019 program includes a competition of young designers, designer shows by Uzbek and foreign participants, Tashkent Fashion Performance and National Dress festival. In addition, an exhibition of Uzbek fabrics and Uzbek traditional costume is being held as part of Fashion Week. Leading foreign and domestic designers held master classes and training seminars.
An official opening of Uzbekistan Fashion Week 2019 was held in the best traditions of Hollywood. Each designer and his model broke upon the audience on the red carpet in brilliant images, which impressed every participant in the show even before it began. The IKAT show is one of the most beautiful shows for the fashion industry connoisseurs from all over the world. And the show has fully met the expectations of guests and participants. Along with foreign ones, famous Uzbek designers presented beautiful images. Each designer was distinguished by individual idea, presentation, technique and execution of each outfit. A riot of colors and bright patterns, impressive embroideries and appliqués, as well as a sea of amazing handmade work – designers were able to synthesize all modern trends and cultural features using stunning national fabrics.