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Uzbekistan Interesting Facts

Uzbekistan is a mysterious country for a foreign traveler today. Many have desire to see it with their own eyes. Therefore, you will be presented with some interesting facts about Uzbekistan below that may be of use for you:

  • the best seasons for visiting Uzbekistan is spring and autumn. There is unbearable heat in summer; air temperature may reach 50 degrees Celsius and it is rather cold in winter. Everything is flourishing around and is covered with a lot of colors in spring, to say nothing of autumn when fruits ripen and are very cheap.
  • most of the country’s population is fluent in Russian. This is all due to the fact that Uzbekistan was part of the USSR in the past where Russian was the mostly spoken language.
  • bargaining is possible and necessary however prices in the markets are inflated greatly for foreigners so in order not to be trapped and save money it is better to turn to local guides who can find the best product at the best price. It was repeatedly noted that even after a good bargain market sellers tried to sell goods to the foreign tourists at a price higher than the price of the exactly the same good in stores.
  • people are not able to cook badly here at all. Whatever cafe, restaurant or usual eatery you go all food will be amazing to taste. We are talking not only about the local national cuisine, but also on all dishes in general that are cooked in the restaurants of Uzbekistan.
  • Uzbeks are very hospitable; they can invite you to their home after a few minutes of communication to spend the night and feed you with homemade pilaf. If time allows, do not refuse the offer, there is nothing to beware of.
  • you can stay in hotels (very colorful caravan serai) as well as in guest houses of the local people. Just keep in mind that Uzbekistan has a very rigid registration system. You are given only 3 days for registration from the moment of entry; then it shall be registered either in hotels or with the help of locals at whose place you stay (which they are very reluctant to do).
  • the most interesting cities for traveling are the ancient cities of Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. You will feel the true magic of the East and remember the fairy tale about Aladdin more than once. After all, they are full of grandiose architectural structures that contain many secrets and legends.
  • some time ago it was possible to relax on the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan where the Aralkum desert was formed. There is a ship grave yard in the former port city of Muinak. Jeep tours to the leftovers of the Aral Sea, of which a small lake with high salt content is left, are very popular now.