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Travelling in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a state of great cities with a huge number of architectural structures of different historical periods. Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are much appreciated around the world. These cities being Rome and Babylon coevals used to be the largest centres of Islamic and Eastern culture and spirituality. The greatest scientists and sophists of those days lived in these cities. Their beauty was supplemented with luxurious palace, minarets and mausoleums. Unfortunately, many of these masterpieces could not survive till the present days or just magnificent ruins remained instead of them… But those that by some miracle remained distinctively show an image of the distant and passed away past.

The Great Silk Road connecting the East and the West was passing through these cities. A great deal of efforts were made to ensure a comfort and safe tourism in these historical cities. In this respect a large number of new hotels and restaurants are being opened as well as transportation infrastructure is being improved.

A journey to Uzbekistan with its historical, archeological, architectural and natural objects is a real adventure that makes it possible for you to reveal many ancient mysteries and legends. Guests of our country have possibility to immerse in the past of the Uzbek people not only in the museums seeing its exhibits however feeling life of the people of that time. Once you step on the ground of the ancient settlements, visit archeological sites and you will feel the doors to the history of the past age opening for you.

This land full of the Eastern atmosphere leaves no one untouched. This land is also famous for cotton, fruit gardens, various bazaars.

Endless deserts and silent plains were the crossroads of caravan tracks and facilitated development of the Great Silk Road. Nowadays Uzbekistan proposes trips on prairies and deserts with unique possibility to make a camel tours and stay in yourts.

The mountains of Uzbekistan with theirs colourful and unique landscapes are individual feature of Uzbekistan nature. These amazing places should be seen by everyone who wants to feel harmony of merging with nature, a rare feeling of isolation from the civilized world. Forests, alternating with mountain meadows overpassing to  the mountain peaks covered with eternal snow and glaciers.

In summer time the mountain tourism of Uzbekistan offers a wide range of bicycle tracks, hiking, tracking, rafting, alpinism, equestrian tour services and holidays in fashionable mountain resorts. In winter snowboarding and paragliding are very popular. High-skilled instructors ensure a high level of service and will help you to make the extreme ideas of yours to come true.

Besides all natural beauty you will be happy to know about hospitality and open kind soul of Uzbek people. You will be also attracted by national ethnic cuisine with abundance of many delicious dishes. They are worth having a taste!

However Uzbekistan is not only a great past with its unique cultural heritage, Uzbekistan is yet a perfect modern place for a rest and entertainment.

But do not neglect safety. With the regard to safety Uzbekistan is very stable state and you can enjoy your holidays not apprehending of unsafety.

On visiting Uzbekistan you make your trip frantic and unforgettable.