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Uzbek Melons

Despite the fact that the watermelon is really good – sweet, juicy – there is no “honey” in it; “honey” is in the melon. The Uzbeks say so.

But this is really so! One has only to leave the melon cut in the open air, as bees and wasps immediately fly on it and drink sweet juice.

In order to determine the ripeness of the melon, it is enough for it to be aromatic.

Uzbekistan is considered the birthplace of the world’s best melons since ancient times! IA huge number of varieties of melons with excellent aromas has been created in the oases of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, and Khorezm, known for their fertile lands and culture and thanks to the hard work of Uzbek breeders over the centuries. From the point of the climate, it happened that Uzbekistan is an ideal place for such a heat-loving plant like melon. Each region of Uzbekistan is famous for its varieties of melons. Early-ripening Handalaki appear on the urban markets almost everywhere in early June, and Assate come to the market a little later. Honey-sweet Ich-Kyzyl and Shakar-Palak will ripen in July. August will delight the melons of Bekzodi variety. And in September, you will enjoy the late ripening winter varieties that keep their excellent taste until April-May of the next year that have received worldwide fame – Gulyabi, Kara-Kavun, Koy-Bosh, Umyrvaki, and Kara-Gyz.

Melon contains a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals. First of all, the melon is loved for its sublime taste and unsurpassed dietary properties. It is difficult to find a better sweet than fragrant and tender melon.