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Seven Pirs

Day 1

Arrival to Tashkent international airport. The representatives of our company will meet you at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in a luxury coach. After accommodation you will have a free time to have a rest, and then meet with your guide at hotel lobby. Sightseeing tour starts from  Khast Imam Complex of 16th century – a religious center of the city consisting of Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum, Namazgoh Mosque within the Islam Institute,  Barakkhan Madrasa, Tillya Sheikh Mosque, the library of Islamic literature with Uthman Quran of the 7th century. After Khast Imam Complex you will visit Abulkasim Madrasa, which nowadays is the center of applied art. Here you can see work process of local craftsmen preserving traditions of the past and buy souvenirs. Visiting Mosque of Sheikh Zaynuddin-bobo, the Iranian missionary of Suhrawardiya order you can explore the unique preserved underground cell ‘chillahona” used by Zaynuddin for meditation. In the Mosque of Sheikh Hovendi Tahur, who was a direct descendant of the second caliph Umar you come across legendary tales of Alexander the Great in our region, and found out about a powerful spiritual sufi leader Hodja Ahror-vali, who built up the mosque above the grave of his uncle in 15th century. The tour will finish at the modern, but in conventional oriental style Minor Mosque built in 2014, which is distinguished with white two minarets and a sky-blue dome. At the end of tour you have a dinner at one of the Tashkent restaurants. Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 2

Early breakfast in a hotel. Transfer to the Railway Station to take a trip to Samarkand on “Afrosiab” high speed train (2 hours 10 minutes to travel). Arrival to Samarkand. Meet your guide who will take you to Khartang settlement to see the tomb of Muhammad Al-Bukhari known throughout the Muslim world as Islamic hadith scholar.  This day you will also visit Ruhabad Mausoleum of Islamic mystic sheikh Burhaneddin Sagaradji, Mausoleum of prophet Daniel, Gur Emir Mausoleum, Shahi Zinda Ensemble, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Registan ,Hazret-Khizr Mosque (the Mausoleum of the first Uzbek President Islam Karimov was opened there in 2018) and Siab Bazaar. During the excursion you will have a break for dinner and hotel accommodation. Having finished the tour you will have a free time for a rest. A wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 3

Breakfast in a hotel. Transfer to the Railway Station to take a trip to Bukhara on “Afrosiab” high speed train (1 hour 40 minutes to travel). Your guide and driver will pick you up at the railway station.Sightseeing tour of sacred sites of seven “pirs” or sages belonged to Naqshbandiya order:  the mausoleums of Said Mir Kulol, Kabul Akhbor Vali, Orif Revgari, Makhmud Anjir Fagnavi, Ali Rometani, Abdukhalik Gijduvani. The tour ends at Mausoleum of Bakhouddin Naqshbandi the founder of Naqshbandiya order. All pilgrimage sacred places are located outside Bukhara. On the way you will have time for a small lunch. Hotel accommodation upon arriving to Bukhara.A wonderful dinner at one of the Bukhara restaurants. Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 4

A breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport for flight to Tashkent.  (09.55-11.25). Arrival to Tashkent, meeting with the guide.  Lunch at one of Tashkent restaurants.Visiting Sufi Memorial Complex of “Zenghi –Ata”. Zengi Ata is a nickname of Holy Ayhodji, who was the fifth follower of Hodja Ahmada Yassavi, the spiritual head of all Turkic tribes of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.  Zengi Ata Mousleum was built by the order Amir Temur in XV century. Accommodation at a hotel of Tashkent city after a pilgrimage trip.Dinner at one of the Tashkent restaurants.Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 5

Transfer to the airport. End of the tour.

The company reserves the right to make alterations in the tour program without reducing total volume and quality of the services. Please note that you should follow the norms of effective legislation. Traveling time and duration of excursion is tentative.

Also please note that the hotel accommodation is possible only at providing your identification document (passport, certificate of birth). You are kindly requested to take into consideration that there is a “check-out hour” rule (check-in after 2 pm and check-out before 12 am) in all hotels. Free rooms may not be available before the indicated check-in time if the earlier check-in is not included into the tour price.

In case of weather deterioration (snowfall, drifts on roads, low or high air temperature, mudflows, downpours, floods, smog etc.), the company reserves the right in exceptional cases to change the tour program by replacing tour objects with others, and if substitution is not be possible to exclude those objects from the program which in bad weather conditions may endanger tourists’ safety at the time of the tour. The decision on replacement or cancellation of tour objects is made unilaterally by the guide or the leading tour manager.

Tour price includes:

  • All transfers around Uzbekistan
  • Excursion services in each city with the local guides
  • Double room & breakfast accommodation (single room accommodation can be provided for an extra payment)
  • Entrance tickets for all excursion sights as per the tour program
  • Master classes
  • High-speed train economy class ticket, air ticket or transfer on a luxury coach
  • TopStarTour English speaking Tour leader is available throughout the tour

Tour price does not include:

  • International flights
  • Hotel extra service
  • Insurance policy
  • Consular fee for Uzbekistan Tourist Visa
  • Fee for video recording in museums and sightseeing