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Uzbek People

Uzbeks are amazing, sympathetic, and kind people. An Uzbek is the person who can sit in a warm chapan (coat) and drink hot green tea in the summer heat of 40 degrees Celsius. Please, do not think anything bad. This is one of the most ancient method of the Uzbek people to deal with the exhausting heat. We will tell you more about this people now.

One of the features of the Uzbek people is that they never say ‘no’. This trait was formed long ago: Uzbeks were engaged in trade from ancient times, and it was not in the interests of the seller to offend the buyer. For this reason, you will never be denied your request directly but they will respond traditionally ‘khop mayli’ (ok, good). However, it will be not clear when your request will be fulfilled: Uzbeks are not in a hurry to make decisions.

And if it turns out that the agreement is broken you will be offered several options to resolve the issue – up to the most ridiculous ones – so that you are not angry.

The next feature of the Uzbeks is a greeting. This is a ritual! When they see someone the Uzbeks greet and heartily ask them how they are doing, how is it going at home, how is their family and children, how is their household and work? The traditional answer is the following: “Thanks God, all is well.” All of these takes a lot of time especially when two women are met.

The next feature is the Uzbek plov (pilaf). Any important event is marked by cooking of this dish made from rice, meat, and carrots. The Uzbeks can eat it even at 6 o’clock in the morning. This time was not chosen immediately: plov was originally prepared for the end of the first prayer, that is, by 4 am. It was then moved to 7 am, and finally shifted again, so that people would get to work in time. It is impossible to refuse an invitation to plov – it is sacred.

The Central Asian Plov Center operates in Tashkent, serving wedding pilaf decorated with kazy horse sausage and quail eggs. Uzbek plov is gradually conquering the world and it was included into the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO last year.

Finally, how can you do without tea? It is always served. They say in Uzbekistan: “If you don’t drink tea where will you get the strength from?” The more appreciated the guest is, the less tea is poured to him, so that he will often turn to the host for more tea to be poured and will stay longer. While passing tea to the dear guest, the right hand touches the heart as a sign of respect.

Uzbeks are the people who honor their traditions and value the experience of ancestors that have been passed down from the depths of ages.