Independence Square or “Mustakillik Maydoni” is not just a square, it is a place where all the people gather during holidays, where it is always pleasant to walk along the green alleys surrounded by the sound of fountains.

Just approaching the square and stepping on on the granite steps with the beautiful fountains we can see the majestic structure of 16 marble columns with the storks flying on the top that are the symbols of peace and calmness in the country.

Tashkent 14 Min,

Further, passing along the avenue, you will get to the Independence Monument representing a granite obelisk, where we can see a globe on the top with a marked outline of the territory of Uzbekistan that expresses the desire of the state to become a fully valid member of world society. At the foot of the monument there is another memorial known as the Monument to the Happy Mother where we can see a woman with a child in her arms symbolizing the centuries-old wisdom and bright future of the country.

Then the square smoothly passes into the Avenue of Glory, where galleries are located on both sides. These galleries contain Books of Memory in which the names of the Uzbekistan people died in World War II are engraved with golden letters. Having passed the Avenue of Glory, you will find the eternal flame and the monument of the Sorrowing Mother, where below there are always fresh flowers.

Also two administrative objects are located in the territory of the square. They are Senate building that is Supreme Assembly of Oliy Majlis (parliament). Its central entrance is decorated with a national flag of the republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers

Bride-couples are often can be met in the square. Here according to the traditions they go through the arch of kind and lofty thoughts stepping on a white path and laying flowers to the monuments.