Friends, today Uzbekistan celebrates its annual holiday – Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan! September 1 is the official day off in the entire Republic! Uzbekistan was proclaimed as an independent state on August 31 in 1991. This year, Uzbekistan celebrates the 28th anniversary of its independence.

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In honor of this holiday, we would like to to tell you what has changed in Uzbekistan over the years of independence.

-High rate of economic development.

-A modern system of services such as: Leasing, audit, insurance, consulting, high-speed Internet, video telephony was implemented.

-Favorable business environment, a wide system of legal guarantees and benefits.

-During the independence, foreign trade turnover has increased.

-Dynamic development and improvement of living standards.

Every year, on September 1, in honor of the celebration, festivities take place throughout Uzbekistan, fireworks are launched, charity concerts are held with the participation of folk artists.In squares and parks, you can watch a huge number of people who just go for a walk and see how their country has transformed over the years of independence!