Abdulaziz-Khan Madrasah

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It is one of the many architectural masterpieces of the Asian Middle Ages. Madrassas played a significant role in the development of culture. The portal in the madrasah (Peshtak) impresses with its grandeur and beauty. A special feature of this madrassah is that its walls are covered with verses of famous poets. The complex ornament is also prominent here. There are images of the Chinese dragon and the bird of happiness Semurg, which confirms the importance of Bukhara for the Great Silk Road. However, the madrasah of Abdulaziz Khan is not fully completed. The right side of the courtyard and the left side of the facade remained unadorned. This happened due to the fact that during the absence of Abdulaziz Khan, a political coup took place in the country, and there was simply no one to complete the building.