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Uzbek Artistical Handicraft

Artistical handicraft takes a special place in the culture of Uzbekistan. Since the ancient times from one generation to another the secrets tricks of the trade have been transferred, motif have been carefully kept, art schools were established which thereafter became the centres of different handicraft centers.

The proximity of the past and present in architecture, art, traditions create the uniqueness of Uzbekistan.

Ceramics is one of the most ancient and rather interesting types of applied art of Uzbekistan.
Famous products of masters from Rishtan (Fergana Valley), Gijduvan (Bukhara region), Urgut (Samarkand region) may delight everyone with their unique ornaments and patterns, rich colours and invaluable imagination of the authors.

In the villages of Uba (Bukhara region), Nurata (Navoi region), as well as in Denau (Surkhandarya region), professional craftsmen make clay toys. Fantastic animals, birds, horses, sheep, deer make up the main part of the unique images of clay toys. The most popular toys are tin whistles.

The Central Asian toy is a great cultural heritage preserved in rare places, in each locality and community it contains original unique images.