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Amir Temur (Tamerlan the Great, Temur the Great) – was born on April 8, 1336 in the village of Khoja Ilgar, near Kesh (modern Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan). The childhood and adolescence of the future commander passed in the vicinity of his native city. From a young age he loved hunting, horse riding and war games.
Amir Temur made 9 military campaigns around the country.
Having created a powerful state, he proclaimed Samarkand as his capital.
Suppressing conspiracies and rebellions, consolidating centralized power, the great commander became cramped in his native empire, plans for new military operations ripened in his head, he intended to complete what Genghis Khan did not manage to accomplish. The era of tremendous campaigns has begun!
The great commander died during a military campaign in China, this happened in February 1405 in the city of Otrar.
The great ruler and conqueror was in power for 35 years. During the years of his reign, Amir Temur managed to create a huge empire and gain the respect of others, which has survived to this day!
It should be noted that Amir Temur was not only a brave warrior, but also a good master of the art of diplomacy. During his reign Temur was able to establish diplomatic relations and settle trade relations with the largest states of the Old World, such as England, France and Castilla.
The name of Amir Temur is widespread throughout the world. Many know about his campaigns, legends go about his courage.
Monuments and madrasahs have been constructed in honor of Amir Temur throughout Uzbekistan!