There is a city of Almalyk near Tashkent. 5 km away from that city ther is the Kul-Ata settlement, better known as Kirk-Kiz-bulak. Passing by, you shall visit a truly beautiful place. According to legend, in ancient times, one of the days when local girls went swimming in the pond, nomads attacked the settlement. Frightened by their fate, the girls turned to supreme forces and asked to turn them into fish. Supreme forces had heard the girls and fulfilled their request. Since then, this place became known as Kirk Kiz. Now it is a popular place of pilgrimage and relaxation. It is believed that if you lower your hand in one of the 40 streams and accidentally find a fruit seed or a coin at the bottom, then the mystery will come true. However, all visitors try to leave Kirk-Kiz-bulak before 17.00 and in the evening there is not a single living soul left there. Local residents say that in the evening a girl’s cry is heard over the streams and the water turns into tears. Legend is a legend, but at the entrance you will see huge industrial complex, open quarries. And among all this, a paradise oasis shrouded in the shade of trees, and a gurgling spring with icy healing water. Butterflies, dragonflies, birds – all this must be seen and believed. As in the middle of the desert and drought, a source of healing water can remain in its original form. Many things have not yet been given to us to understand.