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Hazrat Daud Cave

The legendary cave of Hazrat Daud is part of the most visited holy place in Samarkand region. Legend has it that through this cave, the biblical King David (Daud) hid from his pursuing enemies by pulling apart the rocks with his hands.

According to the Arab version, King David (Dawud), after many glorious years of his reign over Israel, was sent by God as a missionary to Asia to preach monotheism. During his mission, Hazrat Dawud (so Muslims call him), incurred the wrath of the Zoroastrians, the fire-worshippers, and they began to persecute him. Dawud, fleeing, rushed into the mountains, and, after praying to the Almighty, with his hands he pulled apart a rock and disappeared into a cave. For his ability to melt rocks and iron in his hands, Hazrat Dawud is considered a pir, the patron saint of blacksmiths. According to another version of the legend, it is because of this magical gift that the ruler of Samarkand decided to capture Daud and made him work for him. No one knows how the Jewish king became the patron saint of the blacksmiths of Samarkand and the local saint, but the place is very revered among the local population.

According to another popular legend, David was looking for a secret place to rest before the battle with Goliath. The jinn carried him to a mountainous area near Samarkand, but the ifrites found him and brought the giant Goliath on their backs. Then David prayed to God to hide him, for he was not yet ready for battle with Goliath. He fled until the impregnable rocks stood in his way. Trusting that his Lord would protect him, David began to dig a hole in the block of rock, which suddenly became softer than wax in his hands. He went deep into the rock, leaving the furious Goliath helplessly pounding the rock with his club.

It is believed that in the cave of Hazrat Dowd granted any wish, even the most improbable. To get there you have to climb the 1303 steps that lead steeply up to the peak of the mountain. Here, at the top, you can pray in an ancient mosque. Then one has to go down 200 steps to the Khazret Daud cave itself. The cave width of 0.5 to 4 meters, height up to 15 meters and a length of 60 meters is a dark tunnel at the end of which you can see the prints of hands and feet of Daud. You have to touch them to make a wish.

It is believed that this holy place grants wishes, however improbable they may be. There is an imprint of Hazrat Daud’s palm on the stone walls – you only need to touch and wish. It seems that we are all modern people and far from believing in fairy tales – but every time there are similarly modern people who are stunned by the fulfillment of the cherished, and they share their stories. It is said that especially Hazrat Dawud helps women who are desperate to give birth. Therefore, on the road to the cave you can see married couples who reverently climb the mountain to meet the miracle. Many stay here for several days.

The cave and the entire Hazrat Daud complex are undoubtedly of great interest to tourists as a very exotic place.

The top of the mountain is beloved by Samarkand paragliders. The wind always blows here, creating upward currents that are favorable for flying.