Cultural Capital of the Turkic World

Khiva city was declared as “Cultural Capital of the Turkic World” in 2020.

Khiva is an amazing historical city which is included into the UNESCO World Heritage List, where every stone and column tells you about the richness of culture and the high level of art of our ancestors. The ancient city of Khiva was once the center and the most beautiful place of Khorezm Khanate (Kingdom). Its rich heritage preserved to present days makes Khiva one of the most interesting cities in modern Uzbekistan. Many objects of the Old City are listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and Khiva truly can be called as a Museum City. The tourist will find here numerous monuments of Muslim architecture, as well as archaeological sites that date back to the eras and even earlier periods. The inner, Old city of Khiva is a unique place with an overwhelming density of attractions per square meter, and having enormous historical and aesthetic value. However even the External City is very interesting, however is not so well preserved by times unlike the Inner City that was extant to us almost in its original form.

For a reason the greatest minds of mankind devoted inspired odes to this city as its beauty inspires and conquers. Oftentimes the city is called the “Pearl of the planet”. Much can be said and written about the beauty and uniqueness of the city however it is better to see once than hear hundred of times. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to visit this city, then do not wait – go and visit Khiva.