Hast Imam Complex

Khast-Imam complex has been the religious treasure not only for Tashkent but for the whole Uzbekistan for many centuries. This complex was built with the help of Khazrati-Imam, the Islamic preacher and the connoisseur of Quran and hadith. His real name was Abu-Bakr Mukhammad Kaffal Shahi. There are also such magnificent objects on the territory of the complex as Tilla-Sheikh mosque, sacred mausoleum of Kazrati Imam, Imam al-Bukhari Islamic Institute and Barak-Khan madrasah….

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Amir Temur Square

Amir Temur Square is the square in the center of Tashkent. There is a monument to the great military leader Amir Temur in the middle of the square. The author of the monument is the sculptor Ilkhom Jabfarov. Sitting on the horseback, Amir Temur points with his hand at the building of Tashkent Law University, while underlining one of his greatest sayings “Strength is in justice”, which is written on the pedestal…

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