03 Ustyurt Plateau,

Плато Устюрт

Плато Устюрт — это гигантское плато, расположенное в Центральной Азии, на территории Казахстана и Узбекистана, между остатками некогда великого Аральского моря.

Плато возвышается на 180-300 метров над равниной. В некоторых местах он обрывается на окружающей равнине с крутыми и труднодоступными уступами — скалами высотой до 350 метров. Плато Устюрт состоит из отдельных хребтов на юго-западе, напоминающих небольшие горные хребты.

The place attracts with its bewitching landscapes. Nature is in no way inferior to the natural monuments of foreign countries, and therefore the plateau attracts so much attention from tourists.

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The main landscape of the plateau is a desert, almost without any vegetation and water, mostly wormwood and saltwort are found. Ground water found in sediments is salty and unsuitable for drinking. Winters are severe (up to – 40 degreesCelsius) here and summers are characterized by burning heat.

Despite this, the Ustyurt Plateau was a habitat for people. More than 60 Neolithic sites were discovered here, and traces of the presence of the Mongols were preserved. Also, the plateau was the object of intersection of many ancient caravan routes, including the Great Silk Road. Due to its climatic conditions, complete lack of water and remoteness from modern routes, Ustyurt is much less studied than the famous Karakum desert even now.