Uzbekistan in winter

You may ask what to do in Uzbekistan in winter? You should come and make sure that our winter resorts are not worse than the famous European resorts. We have very mild winters and this gives a great opportunity to visit us in winter season. There are two mastered ski resorts: Beldersay and Chimgan in Uzbekistan right now. In the near future, a new world-class ski complex Amirsoy in the Bostanlyk region of Tashkent region will be started.

Chimgan and Beldersay are located relatively close to Tashkent: at a distance of only about 90 km therefore many lovers of skiing prefer to make one day trips to the mountains.

Professional instructors with many years of experience work on the ski trails. The most popular long ski trail in the mountains of Uzbekistan is Beldersay (3017 m.). A chairlift 2250 m long leads up to which it takes about 20 minutes to climb. The difference in elevation, counting from the top point of the ski trail to the bottom is 765 m., and the top point of ski trail is located at an altitude of 2300 m. Due to this, the temperature difference between the top and the bottom often reaches 9-10 degrees. So dress up warmly prior climbing up. The chairlift ends at an altitude of 2105 meters with a vertical drop of 565 meters. Further lifting is possible on T-bar lift. This ski trail has a length of 600 meters with a height difference of 200 m. There is also a chairlift in Chimgan. Its length is 800 m, the upper station is at an altitude of 1925 m. The difference in elevation is 275 m and the length of ski trail is 1500 m.

The ski season of 2019-2020 in the new modern Amirsoy complex is represented by modern and safe gondola, chair and conveyor lifts from the world’s leading manufacturers – Doppelmayr and SunKid. The total length of the ski trails of various difficulty levels is 15 km, the elevation difference on the ski trails is 660 meters. The modern system of artificial snowmaking of the ski trails ensures the duration of ski season up to 140 days a year, depending on the height of the ski trail. It is possible to train and ski on ski trails of the resort by skiers and snowboarders of various skill levels.