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Ethnic park “Navruz”

In September, the ethnic park “Navruz” was opened in Tashkent. What is noteworthy is not only a park with beautiful photo areas in the form of miniature cities of Uzbekistan such as Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara, but also a very authentic city of artisans. The whole area is a small two-story building with skillfully carved wooden shutters on the windows and doors which are striking in their beauty. And all of this is hand-carved by craftsmen of Uzbekistan. There are “streets” named after Karakalpakstan and other regions of the country, with houses in the old style, embodying the characteristic features of each region. Courtyards with mud walls, terraces, teahouses and workshops re-create ancient mahallas. An amphitheater was erected for celebrations on the occasion of Navruz holiday in the center of this new colorful town. A bridge of 88 meters long was erected over the canal flowing through the park.
It will be very interesting to walk along the narrow streets of the town, there is a boutique workshop in each house. You can just buy unusual national souvenirs and also see how they are created. I was impressed by the workshop for creating of national dolls. These dolls look so colorful and beautiful that you won’t pass by. In the evening, beautiful park lights are lit, oriental music is heard near the amphitheater, someone is dancing, and someone is just talking while sitting on comfortable oriental pillows. However you can just sit down and enjoy the starry sky above your head, strewn with billions of stars.