Samarkand 9 Min,

Carpet Weaving

Since ancient times Uzbekistan is famous for its carpets. During past centuries the carpets were very expensive at cost and generally they were used to decorate the palaces of khans and nobles. And nowadays in Uzbekistan carpet is the symbol of prosperity, comfort and well-being. This is a mandatory gift for a newly married couple at the wedding.

There are many carpet factories around the republic. Besides, there are many small weaving workshops where craftswomen sew carpets by hands. Homemade carpet weaving can be seen very often. In different regions carpets are differ in color and pattern. For example, black, red and blue tones prevail in Samarkand carpets while Bukhara carpets are full of a variety of beautiful patterns. In Fergana Valley carpets have red and blue stripes, while in Khiva more emphasis is placed on plant patterns. Carpets depicting the sun, amulets, tumours and horns of argali have magical significance and are designed to protect its owner from misfortune and bring good luck and well-being into the house.

Carpets are usually woven from wool, cotton, much less from silk however silk carpets are very much appreciated. In order to make it pecial patience and skill of the craftsman are required. High-quality silk carpets may have up to 1 000 000 knots per square meter and sometimes it takes up to 2 years of hard work to create two-sided carpets. Samarkand is considered to be a birthplace of silk carpets.

One of the oldest types of carpets in Uzbekistan is a felt carpet. Nomads used to decorate their yurts with felt carpets in old times. They may be white, grey and dark brown.

While being in Uzbekistan you will be able to purchase one of these magnificent carpets which will be not only a decoration for your house but also fill it with good luck and well-being.