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Youth tourism in Uzbekistan

Planning a trip with friends, you should definitely pay attention to Uzbekistan, as it offers quite a lot of advantages for young people:

– affordable prices

– yurt camps and hostels

– 24 hour pubs, bars and restaurants

– cool electronic music festivals

– extreme tours

– ski resorts

– safety

and that’s not all.

When allocating the budget during a trip, young tourists often try to save money, and it is really real here.

You can come to the country by plane or by international train, bus or cab, which will allow saving a lot of money.

You can stay in expensive hotels, cozy guest houses and hostels.

After a long day of sightseeing you can spend a good time in a bar or a hookah-house, eat pilaf in a teahouse or dance and spend a great evening with friends in a nightclub for a small amount.

Do shopping in one of the many shopping centers, offering both clothes of world brands and local producers. Speaking of shopping, we advise you to buy yourself some Uzbek accessory, can be a skullcap or a scarf made of silk.

Are you interested in nature, but at the same time want to take it to the extreme? Go to the mountains or book safari tours across our vast deserts, cycling tours on intercity routes, take a ride on the modern ski slopes of Chimgan, Beldersay and even Zaamin in winter.

Do you like mysterious places? Book adventurous tours to unique mountain caves with traces of prophets, or a trip to the magical expanse of the dried up Aral Sea.

Did you know that you can also come to Uzbekistan for a cool party with famous DJs? There are music festivals all year round, both in the bustling capital and in the desert on the shores of the dried up Aral Sea.

Life is a journey. For some it is the way to the store and back for others it is a steep journey. Are you ready to travel?