Our reader, today we would like to tell you about the cotton that is known ass “WHITE GOLD”

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There is not a single branch of the national economy in which cotton is not used. Without it, not only the light and food industries, but also the heavy industry, automobile, aviation, electrical, chemical, clothes and shoes, artificial silk, paper and livestock feed, many other types of products cannot successfully develop. By its significance in economics of the country, cotton occupies one of the leading places. It is of the same importance with bread, metal, oil. That is why from the ancient times people with love call it “white gold.”

The cotton is a child of the sun; it needs a lot of heat, hot and life-giving rays. But in order to get a white, fluffy box, the cotton grower’s caring and gentle hands are also needed. Leonid Ilvich Brezhnev once spoke with great warmth about the workers of the cotton fields, saying that “white gold” is created by golden hands, that the valiant work of cotton breeding masters enjoys well-deserved fame in our country. Every year, people from all over Uzbekistan the people are called to cotton fields to collect this precious material.