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Slow-Tourism: why should you enjoy a slow trip at least once in your life?

Have you noticed that the period of stay while traveling in one place or another has considerably decreased? Everyone tries to visit as many places as possible to publish bright pictures in social networks. In addition, the pace of life has changed, now you need to have time to visit everywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately, such a trip flies very fast, and did not allow enjoying the trip to the full extent. Today, travel enthusiasts are increasingly turning to slow-motion tourism. What is it? We will tell in our article.

Slow-Tourism has entered modern life relatively recently. It is a good attempt to slow down the time and have a good rest. And it does not matter where you go: to nature, in a tourist village or in a large historical center. Here it is important to feel every detail, to enjoy the golden moments of local culture.

A tourist village can be an ideal place to move from a familiar environment to a new place, which has a completely different cultural code. In small villages, time is quite different. There is no one in a hurry to go anywhere, everything goes its own way and is subject to the laws of nature. You will wake up in a guest house, in an authentic setting. You will try organic products, observe or take part in the economic life of the village. Traveling in rural areas is a great opportunity to discover new, unexplored world, especially when it comes to Uzbek villages.

There are many tourist villages in our country, which are ready to host guests from around the world. As a rule, these are remote places, located in the mountains or in the foothills. Such villages managed to preserve their traditional appearance. Perhaps they have not yet reached the advanced technologies, but the age of such villages may be more than one thousand years. There may be bad mobile communication and no Internet, however there is a piece of ancient history, rest closely intertwined with the pristine and wild nature.

Tourist in such regions will be as an honorary guest, you will be surprised by the trust and kind attitude of villagers, their hospitality and openness. You will be pleased with interesting hikes and excursions to local attractions. As a rule, near the tourist villages there are the most interesting places to visit. For example, in Navoi region there is a tourist village Sentob, located near Sarmyshsayskiy clove, there are hundreds of rock paintings. In Kashkadarya region, in the spurs of the Hissar Ridge are scattered villages, in some preserved ancient Arab communities. In Andijan region, there is Imam-ota settlement with ancient shrines and camping sites. Tashkent region is famous for the tourist village of Kumushkan, which has a mountain spring with curative water and numerous recreation areas. In addition to excursions for tourists safari, horse and camel rides, visits to eco-farms and national handicraft centers are organized   .

Guests will be shown the process of making ceramic products, silk fabrics, and national souvenirs as per ancient technologies.

Traveling in rural areas will be appreciated by adults and children. For children it is an extraordinary countryside, and for adults – romantic walks among the mountains and pastures. Slow-Tourism in Uzbekistan is not only rural tourism, but also agro, eco, cultural and educational, pilgrimage tourism. Depending on the interests, it includes:

•          hiking tours to tourist sites;

•          quiet stay in nature, in places of pilgrimage, at cultural sites;

•          cycling, horse and camel riding;

•          hiking in the mountains, to lakes and waterfalls;

•          participation in festivals, folk festivals and festivities;

 •         living in authentic houses;

•          direct participation in traditional life of Uzbeks.